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So since I suck at technology and I would like to know, why does BYOND put the BYOND .zip file next to the download, and what purpose does it serve? I searched on Google what .zip files do, and they just make it easier to store things or something. So if I download the .zip file, does it give me an advantage/disadvantage, or if not, what does it do?

Oh and when I download that McAFee doesn't warn me for a virus but when I download BYOND it does (reference to my other post) and I'm very confused.
The BYOND installer puts BYOND on your computer and tells the OS about it. The OS responds by doing things like associating file types with the different BYOND programs and putting links to BYOND into your start menu.

The Zip file doesn't do any of that. You have the BYOND programs and can execute them to develop, host, and play games, but the OS doesn't pay special attention to them.

For most users and in most cases, it's the installer that you want. The main reason to use the Zip is to have two different version of BYOND on one computer. One is the main version that the OS knows about, and the other is for testing, usually for developers checking out beta features of tracking down a bug in an old version.

The reason McAfee treats them differently is because McAfee isn't a very good antivirus, as others have said in that other post. If you don't want to take the word of the BYOND community when it comes to the virus status of the BYOND software and McAfee, just do a web search. You can quickly verify for yourself that BYOND isn't a virus, and that McAfee is low quality.
Don't worry lol, I know BYOND is safe and trust it. So this means that I can download the ZIP and it'll let me play the game, right? Could you please tell me how to? Then I could tell my dad that there was no virus lol and that McAFee is stupid and could show him the proof. Also, how do I execute them to play games? And by just taking the ZIP file, can I put it on my start menu so that it can be easy to open?

Thanks for your time, and your explanation!
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I highly recommend using the installer. Without installing correctly, there are some things that won't work correctly. For example, the installer tells the Operating System that whenever you click on a BYOND:// link, that means you want to join a BYOND game. Without using the installer, you may not be able to join games by clicking on links on this website.

This is also why McAfee is returning a false positive. The installer wants to configure the OS (just like any installer) but McAfee doesn't check to see if it matches known virus signatures - it's easier to just say no. McAfee doesn't care if a program is a virus or not, only who how big the company is that made the software. If Microsoft made a virus, McAfee would install it. If a small company makes a great product, MacAfee says it's a virus.


To use a zip file you have to "unzip" (also called "extract") the files inside. When you open up the zip file and it shows the contents, there should be a button somewhere that says "extract files" or "extract here" or something along those lines. Once you've extracted the files, you'll now have a folder with BYOND inside. There are ways to get those programs into the start menu on Windows, but I forget; you'd do better to ask google or youtube.

The main program is BYOND.exe, what a lot of us call the "pager". You can use it to find and join games, and send messages to friends. Because hub links may not work for you, you may have to join games through the pager. DreamDaemon.exe is the program you can use to host games, and DreamMaker.exe is what you use to make games. There's also DreamSeeker.exe, but you don't have to worry about that. The pager opens that automatically when you join a game.
McAFee really looks like a ripoff lol. I'll try with the File, if that doesn't work, then I'll use the Installer, just so my dad doesn't get mad.

Thanks for your time!
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Yay! I used the file and it worked, so now I can tell my dad what happened if he asks me why I downloaded something, and it'll be no problem! Thanks again!