Everytime I try to play any games on Byond, it just wont load. I press play and Dream Seeker wont appear.

I tried unistalling, rebooting, updating from beta to stable and stable to beta, deleting the BYOND folder and installing again and it still wont work.

Please help me fix this problem.
Press Play from where? The pager or the site?

Is dreamseeker.exe showing up in your task manager?
1- Both of them.
2-It appears quickly in the "Process" bar and then dissapears.
It looks from your recent logins that this only started fairly recently. Are you sure an antivirus or security program isn't interfering?

If DS were crashing it should be telling you, but if something shut it down it wouldn't. The symptoms you describe line up with a misbehaving AV.
I dont have a AV at the moment and I recently checked the firewall, but there wasn't any dream seeker program in there, just BYOND and Dream Daemon.
Dream Seeker should have exeptions in your firewall too, but I don't see why it would close if it was blocked.
Hm, I am in the BYOND folder with dream seeker here. Im trying to find a way to make it have an exception in the firewall, I just dont know what to press or where to go to do it.
It seems to be getting better after i runned the "Find problems in compatibily" thing and it put the Windows Xp service pack 2 thing and runned with admin and after i played it on Byond it said to re-install it, when i did, dream seeker started apearing again and saying connecting, but it still closes after it says it.
It's still not working.