Naruto: Memories of the Soul

by Asuma588
Naruto: Memories of the Soul
Again an update on what is happening, we're having issues finding a host that can actually "host" and have ALL the players be able to join. If any of you have a friend that CAN host, please let us know my key is Asuma588, add it should you have any questions. We greatly appreciate the support and your interest in the game I again state, we'll try not to let you down. We do have a forum, although its not completely finished and we're working to get it updated, you can still post suggestions and we'll try to keep you updated on the updates.
this is the forum for all who would like to sign up and join.
In response to Yut Put
Yut Put, your key seems familar. I know some people do not agree to the thought of "Rips" but this isn't a technical "rip" This is a tribute to the old game which the REAL OWNER cannot host or even get on byond anymore. We are striving to meet the BYOND standards but shouldn't we be given a chance, how is that possible, you're comment is the waste of forum space, shouldn't you like this game,take your negative attitude else where, we don't need you discouraging our fans.
I'm willing to try to be a temp host for a little while untill you can find a better one.
When The Game Will Be Up?
*flares hands out in a stupid little pose* FUCK YA passed the chuunin exams.
Anyone have the game's link? As in the port used in the host? I kinda need it to see if I can get on via the school computer...
i love this gane when will it be back up i was enjoying being raikage for second time round plz get it back up
omg its down again]
Can i have admin Im a good player follow the rules Dont kill in safe zones Dont ask for rank changing Please Can I have Admin Please And Thank You :D Also Great Game
Jin, Bro your host is a dick. He only listens to his friends.
fuk this bring sol bak to life
this games sht
can you put it back on? its cool game D:
oh god its saying the game is online but i cant join :\
Yo. Everyone.
Exor is fat.
- Jin.
I would love this game much more if nara was not bugged.
Why it is closed?
when will this game open?
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