by Kayaba
Come to unleash your aura and hunt fun or foes.
Advanced system for creating skills

5 Slots, currently has more than 200,000 combinations.

Unfinished Visual:

Speed skill + Track skill:
Using Soul Wars's base, interesting..
In response to Chronos8
Not exactly, it is AllahMagi's base.
Which was stolen from SW as a petty dig at the owner.
In response to Chronos8
There are states that are not from SW, AKA BLEACH, such as hand seals and no one accused AllahMagi of anything in the post, so I assume it's original and I will use it.
In response to Chronos8
Because SW's base is completely original and 100% isn't an edit of Zane's Bleach: Revolution base /s. I love this anime community. It all comes full circle in a giant cesspool of hypocritical white-knight pissing matches.
Except, that's not true at all. SW brought the base from Zane. :^)

I love these people who are uninformed but try to come in like a big dick. :)
In response to Chronos8
Where in my statement does it say he didn't buy it? :)
"Because SW's base is completely original and 100% isn't an edit of Zane's Bleach: Revolution base"

You're clearly trying to insinuate something, sweetheart. :)
In response to Chronos8
Regardless he didn't steal the base as it was up for grabs for anyone.
I've played this game some time ago.
I'm supprised that it got an Update.
In response to Chronos8
Yes, I was insinuating that getting all uppity about the base being made specifically for SW and SW only is kinda pathetic. The base originated in a different project and clearly was made available to others at some point, so it's unsurprising someone in this community is using it. Also, cute attempt at condescension. :)
This is the dumbest back and forth ive seen in a month
In response to Brogoku
I try. ;)
Why do the tracks in the sand look like the player is being chased by a ghost?

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