Does anyone currently do game reviews, developer spotlights or etc on Byond anymore? I'm aware of Within Byond but years ago I thought it was pretty cool to have a set of people that reviewed games and even years before that you had to meet a certain quality just to be published on the hub. I'm aware that there are only so many resources but I felt like it was at least that little something to aspire to. Maybe there could just be some kind of "Byond staff game picks" section or something, idk. I'm not aware if the game page list of games is essentially this or just a list of popular games currently online?
we did this once. there aren't enough original, interesting games being developed to make this viable for the long term.
Steam features un-original (fan-games), yet BYOND can't?
we're not Steam and we don't have the privilege of having 10 original games for every fan game. that's not even mentioning that we have maybe two original fan games that are nice looking enough to feature.
The whole point of doing this is to push people to polish their games enough to be featured. This is why you review games, if it's not good enough it's not featured. But that gives the dev something to work towards. It would be a good encouragement in my opinion.
I think this would be cool. The games won't be submitted for really professional review or anything, so I don't see the harm in features that don't meet the triple-A standard.

Copyright may be an issue (as is often the case with unoriginal content) but perhaps this can be avoided by simply featuring games whenever they pop up instead of using a "top 10 games of the month" system. That way you won't have to worry about using unoriginal games as fillers.
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Kumorii wrote:
we did this once. there aren't enough original, interesting games being developed to make this viable for the long term.

I think I disagree with that part. Based on some of the games I see in Within Byond, there's quite a few games that look interesting at least based on their graphics alone. Of course how the gameplay holds up remains to be seen though.
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PrinceCuck wrote:
Steam features un-original (fan-games)

this is false. all games created and featured on Steam have their copyrights owned by the developers and/or publishers.
False, I'm also counting fan games such as (super smash bros clones). I've also seen fakemon games get greenlit, I mean land of fire is getting there and one could argue they're a fan game more so then inspired by.
You need to learn the difference between fangame and inspired by. I'm betting you're one of those people that calls NEStalgia a fangame.
No, I'm not one of those people. However, the above is only an opinion, relax.

To put it into perspective, land of fire is like me making a Pokemon fan game. I'll name it Kanto Adventures and use none of the trademarked name's in Pokemon with my own fakemon creations. Change the main mechanics of capturing to something else. There ya go, inspired by Pokemon
If you're using none of the original copyrighted material, it's not a fangame.
this is slightly off topic but if you google land of fire all you get are a bunch of results about naruto lol
That's because "Land of Fire" is literally the village Naruto lives in, they're Leaf Shinobi of the Land of Fire. Lol
Obvious alt account, the real key probably owns a "fan game" and is upset it's not featured anywhere.
That logic makes sense as I'm talking shit about fangames. What a cuck.

It's one thing to think fan-games are why byond has a community, it's another to actually think these "originally inspired" games are anything but just that, a fan-game.
How about we drop the argument and stop unironically using the word cuck in a way that makes absolutely no sense, and... Uh... Actually discuss the main topic?