Image layers got messed up by the previous fix to RESET_TRANSFORM, but only in certain cases.
BYOND Version:512.1413
Operating System:N/A
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Applies to:Dream Seeker
Status: Resolved (512.1414)

This issue has been resolved.
(Posted by Lummox JR on behalf of Yut Put)

Descriptive Problem Summary:

Image layers appear to be incorrect in the 512.1413 release, sometimes showing up below or above where they're supposed to be.
Lummox JR resolved issue with message:
Image layers got messed up by the previous fix to RESET_TRANSFORM, but only in certain cases.
Maybe not related but image layers are acting wierd around mobs on the left side. 512.1415
What is the layer of your images? Is it the same as the mob, or different?
World format SIDE_VIEW
Plane 2 for player/mobs
Plane 2,Layer = FLOAT_PLANE +1...+5 for the different images overlays
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PLANE_LAYER isn't a constant in DM, so I don't know what you mean by that.

Seeing your code might help. Even better would be if you could distill this to a test case.
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Sorry misstype, ment to say FLOAT_PLANE
FLOAT_LAYER+1 is 0, and FLOAT_LAYER+5 is 4. Your overlay and mob have the exact same layer.

If you want a layer to float, it has to be negative. All your floating layers should be less than FLOAT_LAYER, or at the very most less than zero.

Once you correct your layers, does the problem go away? If not I'd like to see a test case.
Yep the problem still persists even with the FLOAT_LAYER being less then 0, same result as shown in the gif, also this issue seems to only happen on the left side of the mob only.
Please put together a test project and I'll be happy to take a look. Basically all you should have to do is make a copy of your project and pare down to the code to just the creation of character overlays, the movement, setting up a default character instead of going through a creation process, and putting them on a dummy map.
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Test project provided via pager, also make sure you're in the perfect spot to trigger the bug, left side of a mob, then walk left and right but it has to be in the right left side spot.

Changing the float layer to less then zero will result in same issue regardless.

Also if you go near a mob and rotate around him you can also get the mob to bug out.

Edit: Retracting my statement of only happening on the Left side of mobs, it happens on the right side aswell just alot harder to get it to happen. Wich probably means it happens on all sides.
Your project indicates this is a sort issue in SIDE_MAP and has no bearing on images or the issue that was solved in this thread. I'll post a new report for you.

BTW your test case still had the wrong layers. I had to change that. FLOAT_LAYER+7 through FLOAT_LAYER+10 are all positive values and therefore are not floating. You definitely, absolutely need to fix the layers in your regular project.