BYOND Version:511
Operating System:Windows 10 Home
Web Browser:Firefox 58.0
Applies to:Dream Maker
Status: Unverified

Thus far we've been unable to verify or reproduce this bug. Or, it has been observed but it cannot be triggered with a reliable test case. You can help us out by editing your report or adding a comment with more information.
Descriptive Problem Summary:
Mapping STILL doesn't respect planes - defaulting to old layer behaviour.

Numbered Steps to Reproduce Problem:
1. make an object (A) of layer 99 and plane of -99
2. make an object (B) of layer -99 and plane of 99
3. place A & B on the same tile.

Expected Results:

A would be below B

Actual Results:

A is above B


Give A a layer above B solely for the purposes of having it appear correctly in the map editor.

Lummox JR changed status to 'Unverified'
I tested this out in Dream Maker and was unable to achieve the result you described. Do you have a little test project that would show this?

The layer of -99 is going to cause problems in regards to other layers because it's a float layer, so that -99 won't stay -99. But the plane should be respected above all else. All of the sorting routines are designed to put plane first.