Hello Readers! The end of surviving-winter season is soon upon us, and cleaning-up-from-winter season is starting, followed by wishing-it-was-winter season, and preparing-for-winter season. Now let's see what is thawing out around here!


Reducing the memory usage of icons was the task BYOND Developer Lummox JR set out to complete, and the results are impressive! The latest version released today contains optimizations that in at least one case reduced Dream Seeker memory usage by two-thirds! Additionally, games using an extraordinary amount of objs and mobs should see more stability and keyboard shortcuts in some Dream Maker prompts have been expanded, along with a handful of bug fixes.


Zuhayr is back with some disturbing antics happening around Antimonium. Gory images are on display, with man's best friend being not-so-friendly. Unlimited Deer Works is on fire, and an undetermined image is bringing back memories of winning Windows 98 solitaire. On the game development side, Rounds are soon to end correctly and there's new game artwork. A server is live, so see if you figure out how to grind petals.

Fixes have been in Pixel Realms change log lately. Spires of Agartha now has changes in place to help address lag in places like Maplegrove. Percentages on skills have been altered, and Azrael's Curse is now available for purchase. Join their Discord Channel for all of the latest.

AvidAnimeFan has patched up a few holes in Kage: Rise of the Tengu. Growth accelerators have been added, and gathering resources now requires rank advancements. NPCs have improved navigation, and finalizations have been made on the plan for skill advancements.

Mecha Destroyer JD continues development on Fallen Legends, keeping the development log brief in interest of directing time towards development. Since update log number four, New towns have been built, NPC have more to say, and characters now save and load. Keep an eye on his WordPress blog for his two cents.

Kayaba shows off all some of the cool magic techniques in his game. Watch as he demonstrates them. Bonus challenge: Don't lose focus to the glowing butterflies!

Keep an eye on Psiforged using remote viewing! Well, if you actually had the observation skill Ginseng recently added, accessed from the mini map, otherwise, you'll just have to focus on their Discord channel! Teleporting is real, and changes have been made to energy requirements, dropping the Anger measurement, with energy loss no longer reducing overall power.

BYOND Resources

  • Tafe has recently published a new framework, pulling together owl of his libraries for HUDS, attributes, guilds, and login control.
Higoten wrote:
Kayaba shows off all of the cool magic techniques in his game. Watch as he demonstrates them. Bonus challenge: Don't lose focus to the glowing butterflies!

In the video I did not show all the skills, in the game you can combine cards to generate a skill, by the mathematics of combinatorics, there are hundreds of thousands of different combinations and there will be millions soon.