Hello, just stopping by. I have recently got back into Lifeweb, and to play it for free I need to have a byond account that's older than 2015. I used to have multiple of these accounts, which are, unfortunately, all gone now. I'd appreciate if anyone could lend me an account to use. If any of you could help, message me on my discord which is posted below. Thanks!

Account sharing is highly discouraged here. The way accounts are linked together would make this a very bad idea, as anyone using said accounts could easily get the others banned from anywhere.
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Lifeweb link?
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"Lifeweb is a variant of Space Station 13. Its initial creation was some time ago, and has been heavily modified since to become a game with a small resemblance to the current version of SS13. There are some similarities between the two, such as a similar cult mode and job styles. Lifeweb, however is more likely to get you killed before you even understand why you're dead. For example: not going to the bathroom or keeping yourself clean can get you killed."