The choice popup for the input control didn't respond correctly in cases where the input had a built-in command.
BYOND Version:511
Operating System:Windows 8 Pro 64-bit
Web Browser:Chrome 65.0.3325.162
Applies to:Dream Seeker
Status: Resolved (512.1416)

This issue has been resolved.
Descriptive Problem Summary:

When using an input control that has a default verb and an initial argument selected from a list, and trying to expand the initial argument, the client interprets the choices as though they were verbs, ruling them unrecognized/inaccessible, and ignores them if selected.

Numbered Steps to Reproduce Problem:

1. Create a project with an input control with a default command of "fleep".
2. Define mob/verb/fleep(argument as anything in list("meep","beep","creep"))
3. Make the verb do something that gives immediate feedback so you can observe when it has been accepted.
4. Run the game.
5. Press SPACE to expand the available arguments for fleep in the empty input line.
6. Observe that while the choices of meep, beep, and creep all appear for selection, the status bar declares them inaccessible/unrecognized verbs.
7. Note that selecting one of them in this manner does not call the verb.

Code Snippet (if applicable) to Reproduce Problem:
mob/verb/fleep(argument in list("meep","beep","creep"))
del world

Expected Results:

You will be able to select any of the listed arguments from an empty input control by pressing space.

Actual Results:

The client reports them as inaccessible verbs in the status bar and ignores the input.

Does the problem occur:
Every time? Or how often? Every time.
In other games? In my base game and a test project as described above.
In other user accounts? Does not affect it.
On other computers? Does not affect it.

When does the problem NOT occur?

The arguments are parsed normally if typed out in full, or if you start typing one of them and press space to auto-expand.

Did the problem NOT occur in any earlier versions? If so, what was the last version that worked? For reference I jumped back to 500 and then all the way back to 400. The problem was present as far back as 400.952.


Haven't found any. It does the same with atoms in a list as with strings.
Quick question: When you say default command, do you mean you've set command="fleep" or command="!fleep"? The former will hide the command entirely from the input bar but will apply it to whatever input is selected, whereas the latter will simply make "fleep" appear automatically.
The former.

"fleep" is invisible, so the first word entered into the input control is the argument, which (to my reading of the subject) the client is then trying to parse as though it were a verb, at least until some actual input is manually entered.

At the point where the anomaly happens, there is nothing visible in the bar. You press space to get the expandable arguments popping up, all of which are there but being identified by Dream Seeker as unrecognized or inaccessible verbs.
Lummox JR resolved issue with message:
The choice popup for the input control didn't respond correctly in cases where the input had a built-in command.