Hello Readers! April Fools day is coming up on this Sunday, and Easter falls on the same day this year. Oh, I'm sure atheists are reeling about that somewhere. It leads me to wonder why this holiday varies so greatly on its dates. I Googled the question, and the answer is complex enough that I'll just continue trusting my calendar. Let's check out what developers have had on their calendars these past two weeks!

In celebration of the upcoming Easter holiday, King zelda has decided to host a BYOND membership giveaway, with the pool of names being generated by those who comment on the post. Currently seven name are in the running, post before April 2nd to get in!


BYOND Developer Lummox JR has had his hands full with teaching the icon editor how to understand the new icon format, and shoring up and expanding obscure verb expansion features that haven't been used in decades, while also breaking (and fixing) more commonly used ones in the process. Somewhere on the radar are plans to revisit isometric layering, and BYOND now has a Pateron campign for those who prefer the set-and-forget form of donating!


Revivified by a recent bug fix, Yut Put has begun the recreation of the potential sequel of the Epic series, LEGEND. Not much information on the remake is currently available, but fan the hub page to keep up on the latest.

The latest clip shown by Crazah covers what a player joining Zenith's Call might experience. The video shows the log in screen, character selection, and a shout out!

Keep the snow and the rain from ruining your belonging in Allied Nations with the addition of roofs for homes! Additionally, many improvements are being made to the interfaces, and research allows players to obtain new technologies by collecting artifact fragments from around the world.

Spires of Agartha has seen plenty of changes over the past two weeks, incrementing six version changes! Numerous spells have been altered, and several new skills have been added. Mana now regenerates four times faster than it had when the game launched, stun recovery happens quicker, and tips are now displayed to help new players get into the game. There's a lot more, so check out their change-log on discord for full details.

Zuhayr is working in isometric mode for a week-long game jam, watch as the eight-legged creatures move about the game board between varying heights and around obstacles.

Ginseng continues to make progress on Psiforged! Strength can be trained using objects, HUD elements are being redesigned, Controller support is on the way, and a new map is in development.

BYOND Resources
  • Using Gitlab to manage your project? Lavenblade shares a snippet to automate compiling of new commits.


Got some good stuff for BYOND with the isometric end, would appreciate any update on the layering situation.

And fantastic projects, keep the great work everyone.
Are servers going to be hosted for Allied Nations? I wanted to try it out with a friend of mine since I used to play DM all the time but it seems to be down.
In response to Nathanel13
Nathanel13 wrote:
Are servers going to be hosted for Allied Nations? I wanted to try it out with a friend of mine since I used to play DM all the time but it seems to be down.

Thank you for the inquiry. I do host servers from time to time to allow for community testing and feedback. I plan on having at least one stable build of v0.2.0 to be hosted 24/7 once the update is released(TBA). Subscribers also get direct access to the latest stable build for singleplayer or lan hosting(v0.1.1)