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Ok so I thought the pager was permanently minimized but for some reason its popping up off my screen where I can't reach it. I move the task bar and it comes back on my screen, but its unresponsive to any clicks (Its not doing the turn white thing that unresponsive programs usually do) and I can't log in or anything on the pager. I can't even move it or X out of it from there, or oddly enough, minimize it. Its acting like its completely frozen. I've tried rebooting my computer, rebooting the program, and uninstalling and reinstalling the program. Any ideas? I still haven't solved this issue and would like to go back to being able to use BYOND. P.S. I'm on windows 10.
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Close the pager completely using the task manager. (If you can't close it with the task manager, that means antivirus or security software is causing a problem, so you can probably ignore the rest of this.) Go to your BYOND user data dir (probably Documents\BYOND) and find cfg/pager.txt. Remove the window-pos line from that file, then start the pager again.

Also be sure your system is not set to a Japanese locale. BYOND hates that.
It is not set to a Japanese locale. My windows POS line is window-pos -937x-520, so i delete that? Update: BYOND is now working correctly again. Thanks Lummox, I knew u'd be able to help, lol.
have this problem but no pager.txt Q.Q
Ok so go to ur documents, then go to BYOND's file, then go to the CFG file inside that and find the one named pager.