Hello Readers! Konlet held a 24 hour BYOND Membership giveaway contest this past week, giving away a total of 48 BYOND memberships, well over $600! Prior to that, King Zelda and Dayoak also gave away BYOND Memberships, and now Super Sayian X is looking to be impressed! Seems that April is the month for contests! Now let's see what impressive happenings are going on around BYOND.


Time for me to get use to a really handy new keyboard shortcut, as BYOND developer Lummox JR has recently added a new compile and run feature to the latest version of BYOND. It's CTRL + SHIFT + R, but I'll still be on CTRL + K followed CTRL + R out of habit. Additionally, in between foot icings, fixes were made across the board, covering compiler to server to seeker, #defines should be snappy during the build process, and the .debug profile command may find a home in an interface soon.


Zuhayr wrapped up his game in a week, Praxis, a turn-based game with 8 legged creatures loaded with guns from an isometric perspective. The game HUDs and movements are pretty slick - check out Zuhayr's latest video, and then find out what makes the game tick as it is open-source. Hope to see more!

Yut Put has created a brand new card game! I'm not really sure what happens in Calamity Pals, but it does sound quite chaotic, and it has pets, like snails. Anyhow it appears that a tournament was hosted, and you can check out the brackets here, but the victor remains unrecorded!

Crazah has posted a 45 second clip of a futuristic sprawling cityscape set against a sharp and starry crescent moon as the intro to none other than Zenith's Call.

Keep up with your Spires of Agartha history with their latest timeline! Ardent has surrendered to the Cruxati in latest news, with many changes taking place to put this loss into effect, from port closures to new taxes. Some spells are dishing out melee damage instead of magic damage, and plenty more have been altered.

Travylleb has picked up two programmers to help in the creation of The School District. Looks like the team is making good progress, telling from the screenshots have been left throughout the Show Me What You Got topic. First ones cover a few punches and a jaunt in the parking lot, followed by a screenshot of riders talking in emojieze.

Version 0.2 of Taint_thewizard's Ethereal Kingdom is live and ready for testing! The game now includes a complete turn-based user interface for battles, with reaction times in-between attacks, more NPCs around the town, and a menu where players can check out their stats. PS Oobly hurts.

Talk about develop-ception, as Mecha Destroyer JD has developed a game about developing games! Software Developer Life is an idle-style game where players decide what approach should be taken to development, and let the game and luck carry out the results!

Keep an eye on Chwgt's The Olympians, as I've heard word that progress is still being made, but behind the scenes... for now.

The gases may be getting to A2J2TIWARI's head, but he has picked up on FART, looking to update the graphics for the sidescroller.

Yut Put is working on an alternative reality game, and is starting out with a challenge to see who can discern what is going on. The image states the familiar phrase, Dawn of the First Day, followed by the number of hours remaining. My BYONDimes are on it having something to do with a pear tree and a partridge.

Kozuma3 has begun a new 2D RPG project, and while I could make predictions of what the game may be called, I'll hold off for now. The game currently has basic materials, such as ores, metals, armors, and weapons, and a completed crafting system.

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Technically, Software Developer Life is about the more mundane general software development butttt it almost was about byond development...