We're still enjoying our preview of what the climate will be like in 30 years. Yep, in case you missed it, solar activity has been dropping and the planet went through a 15-year cooling period following the change of millennium, and solar scientists are saying we can expect things to get even cooler by 2050. Something to ponder this Sunday.

But back to business! Well, development was kind of all over the map this week, but the main thing I did was make some changes under the hood to the host ban system. A couple of outstanding issues have been addressed, including one that largely got fixed by accident because I discovered how to reproduce it while fixing something else. Bottom line: SS13 hosts rejoice! for I have answered your pleas. Don't forget to return the favor.

Today's new release of 512.1422 fixes that, but I've also been looking at a bunch of other stuff--in large part because I haven't really had a good opportunity to get down and dirty with the webclient lately. So I was looking into updating the Goto dialog in DM like I talked about last week, and I discovered the Find box isn't modeless like Find/Replace is--making it harder to work with for no good reason. I cleaned that up by combining the two, and plan to nix out the now-dead code for the old Find box before some future release.

Beyond that it's mostly been little stuff, like adding a new timing routine I want to try out for some possible client profiling. The tool set I have for that is limited and when I tried to profile things at the rendering level it all fell apart, but for less granular profiling I can probably come up with something. That's been a longstanding request.

Don't forget to tip your servers, and by servers I mean BYOND's servers. Your Memberships and donations help keep the lights on.
15 years ago it was global warming and we could expect temperatures to "be much higher by 2040". They never seem right and if they are it'll likely only be by coincidence.

Nice tho. Thanks.
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15 years ago it was global warming and we could expect temperatures to "be much higher by 2040". They never seem right and if they are it'll likely only be by coincidence.

Well the AGW enthusiasts are big on blaming CO2 for everything when it's really just a small variable in a very, very complex system. The sun is a much bigger variable, and it's been a lot quieter since the turn of the millennium.

Solar scientists have known for quite some time that the sun has a long-term cycle of something like 400-450 years, in addition to its regular 11-year cycle, but we've never had good measurements for that because of the relatively short time frame in which we've had the technology to measure the sun's spots and output at all.
The term 'Global Warming' is misleading. It's best referred to as climate change. Certain places are warming excessively, while others are cooling drastically. There is more extreme weather on both ends of the spectrum; but the average global temperature has been increasing at an absolutely unprecedented rate since the industrial revolution really started to boom, so it's really not an "ice age".

While it's true the planet *does* go through cycles where temperature fluctuates, the problem with the greenhouse gas effect is that it's accelerating the speed and momentum of that fluctuation and throwing the whole equilibrium out of wack. Many species can't keep up and adapt fast enough and are dying out in absurd numbers. This pollution coupled with warming ocean waters, and melting arctic ice are going to be what fuels the devastation we're gonna start see more of over the next few decades. Coastal flooding, more powerful and frequent severe storms/hurricanes, loss of viable fish populations (fun fact: over 50% of the Great Barrier Reef has died from hot waters in the last two years alone. The inevitable and seemingly looming deterioration of the Gulf Stream's stability is also going to cause things to get exponentially worse.

CO2 emissions are a small portion of a very complex system; this is true. However, it is the root of the chain reaction that is going to present humanity with one of the hardest eras in modern history.

There's no way you can look at how modern humanity lives and tell me that you think it's sustainable.
I for one, am deeply concerned about Obama turning the frogs gay. Gay frog sex doesn't produce tadpoles. What will our grandchildren do without frogs?
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You cannot argue with the facts. +1
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the biggest source of greenhouse gasses is cows. the more you know(tm)