Universe 21

by S10Games
Universe 21
Will you become the most powerful being, in the Universe?
Q: Where does the game take place in the Universe?
- A: The game takes place in the far reach of the Odysseus Galaxy, Sector 7SZF, Planets(Meanus, Braamia and Voslyria)

Q: Where does the Energy come from?
- A: The Energy comes from the Big Bang which is spread all over the universe and beyond.

Q: How was the Universe Created?
- A: The Universe was created by accident, The Big Bang was caused by A but that was not his intention at first.

Q: Who is A?
-A: A is a being from the voids of the Dark Plane, not much is known about A or the Dark Plane, other than that without him, the Universe wouldn't exist.

Q: How many races does the game currently have with combat potential?
- A: Currently there's 13 races and 3 Class Type Categories(Low, Medium and High Class)
- Low-Class: Represents the races with least likely chance of becoming powerful.
- Medium-Class: Represents the races with a good chance of becoming powerful.
- High-Class: Represents the races with most high potential chance of becoming powerful.
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