Hello Readers! It seems this month has been chock full of news reports about data leaks surrounding companies that pull information from sources that are public anyhow. Cambridge Analytica and now Localblox come to my mind. What's next? A source that quietly crawls over all of the recent public developments happening around BYOND and leaks them all in one place?... Oh snap!


After fixing up the _encode procs, Lummox JR spent some time plugging away at some enhancement features. Hosts can now grab a report about sleeping procs and connection status, bans have been improved, and cursers no longer flicker on certain interface elements. In Dream Maker, Find searches can now be done in reverse, and information about mouse drags is carried though to other mouse procs.


Mr. Travylleb is back with another lesson in The School District. In the art department, students from both schools now have freshly-designed uniforms to wear, and are able to do a range of actions. Decks of cards have been designed, and new hair styles are available. Over on the functional side, the economy is being built, along with time-keeping, and cards can be played with. Keep up on their Discord for the newest changes.

A big content expansion is set for the first of May for Pixel Realm's Spires of Agartha, with new crafting recipes, fishing games, spells, growing herbs and trees, and chicken raising! In the mean-time, many spells have seen adjustments, a new melee skill, Galeforce, has been discovered, and the player's save format has been altered, so check and ensure your character loads properly!

Yut Put shared a card-art palette for the BYOND-version of his card game Force! At the last count, the game contained over 300 cards and new user-interface elements. Contact him for information on how to check out the game!

Falacy's Paradise City has managed to hide underground, with new developments happening over the past few months. A detailed change log presents its self to players as they join, but the most recent developers feature new public and tutorial quests, HP has been adjusted for players and objects, bodyguards follow players about, and a whole lot more has changed since my last memory of the game!

Godsring has been hard at work on Allied Nations, keeping an update log on their Discord Channel. The RTS has seen many efficiency improvements over the past two weeks, ranging from weather and season appearance speed-ups to logical NPC pathfinding and action selection. Light sources, such as torches and fire are ready to be lit, maps are saved, and large quantity crafting is in.

YURIRAMOS has been keeping the Show Me What You Got! Development thread alive with the occasional gif demonstrating the feature he is currently making head-way on. Interactive notification menus and glowing shoes come first, then a diamond grid containing symbols.

Where is Kumorii headed in his latest adventure? It's not really clear from first glance. You could say the message is lost in the details, but as long as everyone is lost together, does that make us found?

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Paradise City!
Oh there are plenty of photos of other worlds.Were just not allowed to ever see them.
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Oh there are plenty of photos of other worlds.Were just not allowed to ever see them.

Because Earth is Flat and Space is Fake. NASA has lied.
Hello everyone!

I'm been feeling under the weather since earlier this week, and not having much luck pulling myself together today, and a have meeting tomorrow, so I'm shifting the release date for Within BYOND #90 to Friday, May 11th. Sorry for the delay!
Hope you feel better soon.
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Hope you feel better soon.