Hello Readers! My apologies for the double day delay, but I think it was for the better. Looking back at my comment, I see two glaring mistakes (I'm been - a have), but at least I caught the mistake where I typo'ed Within BYOND as Window BYOND. Now let's take a look out and see what developers are out doing!

SuperAntX may be retired from game development, but he's still looking for great games to play, so $500 dollars is up for grabs to whoever can make and release the best new game before June comes around. Projects need to have been started after the start of the year and have a clear beginning and ending.


Lummox JR has been reworking bits of BYOND to squeeze out better performance, and the results are promising. He goes into some detail about what changes were made (and even deeper detail on the BYOND Patreon page) along with future possibilities. Mouse curser flickering should be a relic of the past, and client-side profiling is in the crystal ball.


Spring has sprung for the Pixel Realms team, reflected by their latest additions to Spires of Agartha! Seeds can now be purchased by the merchant, and can be used to grow a variety of herbs for potion creation. But if gardening isn't your style, then perhaps a trip to the river to net some rare fish will be more to your liking. Additionally, blacksmiths can repair and perfect weapons, Runewriters can ward buildings, Alchemists can vivify the recently departed, along with many, many other changes that can be found on their Discord changelog.

Phat T has been operating a closed testing server for The Phantom of the Future, pending a full rewrite of the game with pixel movement and a more fluid combat experience, with the possibility of races being dropped in favor of evolution progression.

Yut Put is teasing us with a trailer and game art for his newest sequel to the Epic universe, Playwright. The trailer shows the last remaining balance-keeper tossing away his cape to defeat the Order and save the other Playwrights, recover their books, and put an end to the human war.

Allied Nations is undergoing a series of optimizations and code restructurings over the next several weeks, as Godsring hopes to improve development flow and smooth over gameplay. In addition to the speeds already obtained, trees now cast shadows in the first step to creating realistic aesthetics, Automatic systems are improved, and objects are now aware of who created them. He has also created a Patreon campaign where fans can kick in money to the project

Congratulations to Chumble93 on graduation! While on the job search, he has also been spending his newly found free-time working on Dimension Warriors, creating energy beams and clocks. A manger for keeping track of screen position data has also been employed. Mobs are now handled differently, allowing for new content to be added easily.

The battle continues against the zombie hordes in Falacy's Paradise City! New menus have been added to the Ephone, explosions more accurately reflect their blast radius, bodyguards have special abilities and can wield any gun, and players can do more damage to the undead! Check out their page on as well.

Not sure that these are going to land in a game, but it looks like Flick has moved past flick() and has been animating penguins and guardians all sorts of weird and trippy ways.

Inutaishos has been building an upgrade to Azura: The Olympians War's construction system! Here is a sneak peak on the improved method for drag and click creation.

BYOND Resources

  • Tafe is coming out of the shadows to update his shadow library.
  • Tafe is also taking advantage of direct variable access in lists, updating his AttributeClass Library.