this game in particular has been bloating the page and i like to see game updates but i feel like i've been baited every time i click an orange link and it's this nonsense again.

i have no problem with letting them log their updates on the forum but this one is clearly a bleach las noches rip filled to the brim with infringing content and therefore has no place on the main page
I don't agree with culling *all* fan games from the update page, but at least enforce some sort of quality bar.
Give it a week or two. These update explosions die off pretty quickly for most games.
Yeah, the game updates page is pretty bloated with posts from that one particular game. I think the problem isn't so much the type of game itself, but rather the fact one game alone can bump off every other game's update posts.

What I'd suggest is filtering older posts from the same hub entry. The threads are still ordered from newest to oldest, but games are only listed once.

That way fresh content is still up top while you're seeing a wider variety of game updates.
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Where's Decadence 2? Quit slacking.
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Edit Nero wrote:
Where's Decadence 2? Quit slacking.

That's a pretty good idea, especially since it will incentivize spam posting updates without being toxic for the site
Yeah, 1 update per game would fix that spam issue. Where the most recent update will just push the game to the top of the list.