I made a little icon for myself, a pixel art of Fionna from Adeventure Time. I thought I might as well show it to you, it was made on MS Paint and made transparent on Photoshop :3

I think the arms were a tad too big x: Though i love everything else, mostly cause i'm the artist <3
1: the style you chose does not work at all. on top of that it looks like you have multiple bad clashing styles within the art piece itself... like a room of 10 year olds got together and worked on this in 10 minute shifts

2: the shadows have no contrast whatsoever making them look amateur and the whole thing look like its made out of marshmallow

3: the shading makes little to no logical sense
I wasn't really aiming to shade properly, I only added shading because it felt bland using only one color, rushed it cause i had to go to college :3

Edit, what i was actually aiming for was the icon looked similar to the character more or less.
yeah it looks nothing like the style of the character lol
It looks nice I like it.