by Brettpenzer
BlockHead in a BlockWorld!
Hello, this update is beyond BYOND. well lets get started

Version: 0.14 BlockWorld

i've fixed the Floating Bug that allowed players to float above the ground Finally!
Leaderboards have now been fixed(completing on Freeplay)
end_level fixed(players will be directed back to menu after completing all levels)
tweaked spikes alittle so the player can move abit above them, removed some spikes and blocks
Numerous Bugs fixed while adding new features

there is now a Editor Mode which allows players to create there own blockworld's using the creator tools(even i use the same tools to create in-game levels) mentioned this
awhile back saying i'd implement a Play/Create/Share Feature well here it is.
*Picture Below shows the new Menu*

plus a feature that allows players to save Worlds and can share them online with other players by simply tranfering the save data,
I have also built a small little save system that will save the players last BlockHead(saves time choosing character again)

Finally not stuck because now in Freeplay mode there will be a back HUD button allowing the player to quit back to the menu this will show you what level you quit.
*Picture Below showing Back HUD Button*

this feature has also been added to Editor mode so players can quit creating at anytime this will not delete custom world you can return back to it!

In britain the 1st day of each month many people say "White Rabbits" well i've added a BlockHead rabbit

Kumorii commented awhile back for me to add somethink with a rainbow trail so i made Nyancat

New Block has been added called "BounceBlock is just like a trampoline"

also added a (GM) to the interface of Blockworld to show what Gamemode the player is currertly playing
moved scores from bottem panel to above credits and changed "-Thanks-" to "-Inspiring People-" on the interface

I would like to hear some feedback from the community about BlockWorld and what ideas you have that would be good to implement into the game?

Haha nice.