Welcome to Gent-Station


Hey everyone, I'd like to announce that a friend and I are currently attempting to create of our own off-branch of the popular Paracode codebase!

This version is still in progress, however we are currently working to make it more beginner friendly. This along with an improved playtime system as well as introducing new methods for admin interaction will help create a better learning experience.

Derpartment Trees
The basic premise of the system is to broaden a players perspective of any department he or she decides to work in. This, as a whole, helps create a very intuitive understanding of both your job and the function of your staff (where applicable). We implement this system by adjudsting each jobs required playtime in a tree based system. To get to access to the Head of Security you need to play as Warden, to Warden from Security Officer etc. Some departments are broader than others but this system allows a much more robust command staff who know the ins and outs of their department.

Admin Intervention
As previously stated, we are also introducing a new method of admin interaction and intervention. This method will incorporate the pre-existing special roles such as the Nanotrasen Navy Officer / Captain, NT Undercover Operative and other advanced roles. On top of this, admins will only try and get involved if conventional systems like the NT Rep, IAA and Spacelaw fail. Only in extreme (or boring) circumstances will an admin personally take on a role and converse with a player, otherwise a ghost will be selected to carry out the mission.


Our Community
Our community is open to whatever gaming title you come from but currently dedicates most of its time to the development of the Space Station 13 server.
You can find our discord channel here
A direct link to the SS13 server can also be here

(Our Discord should be considered NSFW outside the SS13 channel but anything like graphic nudity or gore shouldnt be expected either)

As of the moment we are working towards creating a official ruleset for use in our Discord and SS13 server. Our SS13 ToS is not currently very long, so please take the 30 seconds it requires to read it!


Deejayh/Ruined1 - Server Host and Lead Programmer/Admin
The_Revanchist - Co-Host and Junior Programmer/Admin
All previous contributers to the Paradise Codebase (Paracode)

We are currently looking to improve our fork of Paracode and are looking for any recommendations you have to offer