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Alrighty, so i was dingling around with Vis_contents, but ran into a weird issue, and one the docs weren't exactly clear on. 458757097123872769/unknown.png

In this instance, the turf with the table on it has the clown in vis_contents, my question is: Is it possible to get vis contents to render on the same layer (and plane, presumably.) as the object? If so, how?
ah, it turns out there's no way to do this quite yet. RIP
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I'm very open to considering ways of altering layer, plane, etc. for visual contents so that this feature can be more versatile in 513. If you have any syntax suggestions for such a thing they're always welcome.
the easiest way I can think of right now is a vis_contents_flags or something like that. eg FLAT_PLANES or something makes everything render on the plane of the atom with vis_contents set.

I also have minimal idea what I'm doing.

Some other flags could be FLAT_LAYERS, But I imagine that you'd be able to think of more useful ones.
You can currently sort of do this by creating a container with KEEP_TOGETHER set on that container, and then setting that object's plane to FLOAT_PLANE and layer to FLOAT_LAYER.

That will treat everything in the vis_contents of the container as being floated to the object you add the container to, but it will already be flattened.