Gonna try to keep this post short and sweet this week, but we'll see. I always say that and then it blows up.

So today I put out a rare Friday release, even though those always bite me in the butt. A couple of relatively important fixes I felt needed to get out as soon as possible, and I would have done a release a couple of days ago if not for a few last-minute things that came up.

First up: A regression in 1427 that impacted non-topdown map formats. Oops! Fixed.

The null-conditional operators ?. and ?: didn't behave the way they should in certain expressions, so I redid them. That took a large chunk of the week and also part of last week, but it was worth it, and I'll explain in more detail on the Patreon post. If your project uses those operators, OR it uses the "chaining" dot that can follow a proc/list/expression, you need to recompile in the new version. First person to report a bug because they didn't read the instructions gets a dunce cap.

The drop shadow filter had an annoying placement issue and also a sampling issue with non-integer shadow positions. Boom. Fixed.

I found a way to improve the wave filter's shader.

I've also been working on hopefully improving some safety-check behavior so all proc activity doesn't grind to a halt when asking the host for permission. This was something that never got resolved back when threading was a thing, which wasn't good, and it still needs to be resolved now. I was hoping I could sneak that in today but it turned out to be a bigger bear than I thought. I've been wrestling with that one for a couple days now.

Huge thanks to all our Members, donors, and patrons! BYOND needs your support and I'm grateful. I'm in the process of brainstorming some 513 ideas, which I'll share in due course.