BYONDBoost 2

by Deviant Coder
This is a collection of my byond libraries all in one to behave as a Framework to add on to your project.
BYONDBoost will be receiving a stable release around next week.

Warning for users of BYONDBoost, the stable release will change majority of the structure to utilize better encapsulation, become more proc oriented, and express much more readable code.

This also means that when you update, you will be expected to receive a large portion of errors because of the major structure change. This will be the last time a structure change will occur, but it was a must to bring BYONDBoost into a better state.

I will also start up BYONDBoost tutorials after the stable release, so people can understand how to properly use the framework.

Future updates after this stable release will be more focused on optimization and adding more libraries if need be.