BYONDBoost 2

by Deviant Coder
This is a collection of my byond libraries all in one to behave as a Framework to add on to your project.
I just released BYONDBoost Stable Version

Warning, the stable version of BYONDBoost is incompatible with any projects that is using the old BYONDBoost framework because most to all of the structure had to be changed to allow a more encapsulated and cleaner environment.

The old version of BYONDBoost will become available later today for users that wishes to continue from the previous version.

Also BYONDBoost Stable release no longer supports BYOND version 511. Only supports 512 now.

If any issues or errors are found with BYONDBoost, be sure to let me know.

Also, be sure to download the updated Blank Setup Project as well