So here are some things:

-I can join the team and work as a free programmer (and maybe work as a free game designer). If you guys can pay me anything I would take it and appreciate it though.
-I won't work for free as a pixel artist (iconner) but I can work as a paid pixel artist

Here is the criteria for me applying for your job:

-I won't work on games that are fangames, anime games or just any game that is about another's IP that you don't own a license/permission to. But I CAN work for those original games with INSPIRATION based on those IPs. As long as you don't violate any IP laws
-If you have money to pay me at any point of the development or afterwards, please do so.
-You must have a high chance of success and know it and show me your plan for making this successful.
-You must tell me about your game and it must interest me.