Applies to:Dream Seeker & Dream Daemon
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Since 511, in jquery, $.get("?blah=blah") works, but the html returned is always the current page.

I was hoping one day we could return data from client|datum/Topic() rather than our current hack of having to bouncing it back via output().
Ah, I understand why that would be. However I don't think there's actually a way to change the behavior without implementing some kind of threaded solution.
While your at it you could implement a system while clients block on files that have been browse_rsc'ed but haven't arrived, then you can remove them from the browse queue, and hell just have the client also prioritize items with a blocking request. (Not that i'd matter as we would just move to loading js, css, and image assets for browse() windows over ? urls to client/Topic the moment you implement the main feature request)

All features that also require a threaded solution =P