Kage: Rise of the Tengu

by Avidanimefan
Kage: Rise of the Tengu
Ninjas, Demons and super powered fights! Will you rise or fall? Kage : Rise of the Tengu! (Anime,Naruto,Bleach)
Changed up quite a bit, mostly tinkering with balances and fixes/improvements on gameplay.

  • Most notably is the RP features (still in progress).

  • Added onto Host features for the game, the ability to set your server and have gameplay affected accordingly. PVP server is pure pvp madness where you must kill other players in order to level up (no enemy xp, though they are still in the game). RP servers offer different goals by removing the need for traditional leveling.
  • Started work on a comprehensive guide for the game, which details a good deal of info about the game's in and outs.

  • Comparing your strength to other players is now as simple as hovering over them.
  • About 20 new ninpo in the works.

  • Clan mechanics have been outlined and are being placed into the game. Clans offer benefits to your player, based on how the clan itself chooses to develop (player driven).