With the chaos of last week and its heat wave behind us, I managed to make some headway this week in interesting areas. But most important of all: I am tempting the Friday curse for the fourth time in a row, and this time on the 13th no less!

I mentioned before that changing step_x/y to floats--on the server only--was something I was considering. To get there however I have to make a few adjustments, and under the hood it turned out the move code had a bug that had gone unnoticed for many versions now. This began what I'm now calling the movement overhaul, and I'll post more about it on Patreon because stage 1 was really cool (in programming terms anyway) and stage 2 is pretty interesting too.

But of course there were some other issues that sprang up. Stage 1 of the movement overhaul introduced a bug in area/Enter and area/Entered, so that had to be dealt with in today's release.

Another thing I did was work on a compiler bug related to the way certain operators like + and * are processed--and I temporarily made things worse in the process. I think I'll save that for the Patreon post too, or perhaps a bonus Patreon post, because there's just too much detail to go into.

And lastly, another thing I had to address in today's release was the TURF IMAGE HANG, which just like Paris Hilton's fauxlebrity won't stay the frell dead. I've staked that sucker (the bug I mean) enough times to deforest a small island, and yet it keeps popping back up. SS13 was reportedly still having some hang issues, and so I added sanity checking that interestingly made the bug more visible. Now armed with a test case that easily reproduced the issue, I think this time it will stay down. If not, next time I'll use more garlic.

Summer is in full swing now and there's no denying it anymore, so keep cool and put that grill to good use, even though those are mutually exclusive goals.
The promised Patreon bonus post is up! In recognition of our patrons, they get first dibs on all the under-the-hood posts now. This one delves into why the compiler was changed in 512.1436-7 and what it means for math.