I'm confused about the new site, taking a while to see where everything is and how it works etc, if anyone could like help me in a simple way to where everything is and how stuff works etc, please leave a comment below.

-Thanks for reading!

Well just keep using it and it'll get easier. :)

Red Byond Atom is for new site related posts and junk
SPINNING! Red Byond Atom is if u get a pager message which u can view via the site.

Well there's now categories and the moderators will move things when they deem they need to.

Posts will rotate and re appear at the top of the category lists when their is activity on it.

i think you will eventually get the hang of it :) not really sure what else you could be looking for anyhow :O
Yeaah, I guess you're right, I'll wait a year or two ( jk ).
I am going to make a post explaining how to use the site (it's pretty simple but it may take a bit to get used to). I'll link it from the start page (which will include other useful materials such as what BYOND actually is, and how developers can use it). Hopefully it'll be useful for new and old users alike.

We still have to fix a few things up, though.
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Ah, I see. Thank you for letting me know.