Just to say hello all and hope that your week is wonderful to those who create games. My name is Sayaotonashis. I originated this name tag from Saya Otonashi from Blood+ as you can see!!

I enjoy looking up the games people have here as of recent and I hoped that it would never die. People have came up to me to ask to bring Bleach Unforgiven Sins back.. But I haven't been able to get through the dreaded lock of the Death Proc and whatever is causing the hosting server to shut itself down. The data held in can't hold, so it just goes down cause of runtime errors.. So I really want to bring it back, but I want to leave it to the developers if they may, maybe help out.

It's been 8 years and I have been testing out new ways to fix the problems.. Now to look for a team once again.

PS: If you need any help moderating games or whatever, logos, ect for your banners.. I'm always available to help