Greetings from a somewhat warm office. My A/C is resting, possibly even pining for the fjords.

Last week I avoided tempting the Friday curse by holding off on a release, as a couple of other issues were pending, and so we didn't get a release at all. This week that finally came out along with the pending fixes, in the big release 512.1447. This is actually a big-deal release because in particular, I found out what was probably causing a lot of SS13 issues that were reported on and off for some time now, a mystery crash I could never quite get to the bottom of.

As it stands right now, I have two fixes on deck for 1448 but they're to issues that, while regressions, were not new to 1447 and probably not 1446 either. I do have an unconfirmed report (meaning I'm waiting on something I can test) that there's something odd/laggy/crashy in situations related to one of the 1447 fixes--not necessarily a new issue either, but probably touching similar code. Also it's Friday, and I'm not gonna poke that particular bear again for a while if I can help it.

512.1447 included some minor tweaks on the compiler side, one of which is a fairly interesting optimization to while/do-while with constant conditions. I'll talk about that some more, and thoughts on the compiler in general, on this week's Patreon post. Suffice it to say I'd like to start profiling the compiler if feasible, to find out where and whether I can trim the time down for certain big projects. You know the one.

Speaking of which, I'd like to thank everyone who's helped contribute to BYOND this month through their Memberships, donations, or on Patreon. My BYONDiversary is coming up next weekend! I love this time of year for a lot of reasons, many of which involve a deep fryer or s giant cast iron skillet, but one of the reasons is the fond memory of first discovering BYOND.