Fall is here (after Labor Day it's fall, no matter what the astronomers or pedants say), and it's been a weird week. The development schedule took a few hits as a result.

This was already a short week because of the holiday, but another blast of heat wave forced me out of the office during the daylight hours and often enough the night hours too. In spite of this I kept going and trying to work on a couple of bug reports that finally crept in. The hairiest of these was a bug with vis_contents on turfs, where basically the client was doing its garbage check on newly "created" objects (basically they were just new to the client) because it didn't know yet that they were part of a vis_contents list. I knew testing that would be a bear and so I deliberately put it off till I'd have time to get to it. Otherwise most of the other work I've done has been around the new refactoring, which includes testing/prodding some things here and there.

There isn't a new release yet mostly because I'm still working on some stuff, but mainly the reason is that on top of the heat I had a family issue come up this week that took priority. And that's actually still ongoing.

Another reason I decided to hold off on any release just yet is that I've had sporadic reports of some kind of server hang issue, or if not a hang then maybe the server's master tick crapping the bed, in SS13. I'm still hoping to get more info on that but to be honest it's a long shot; I don't expect I'll be able to tell what's happening until I can get it to occur directly in the debugger.

Profiling the compiler is still on my list! I promise!

This week on Patreon I'll be talking more about the potential big new feature I've already somewhat started work on for 513, and how it impacts the language.

Back-to-school season is always a great time of year for BYOND game development, because what better way to get away from the drudgery of schoolwork than to have fun making your own game? I know someone's working on a Halloween-themed game already, so why not take up the challenge and develop one yourself? A punkin' chunkin' remake of Bombard perhaps? Maybe a spook-'em-up through a haunted mansion? We've got a couple months, so let's see what you got! And GiaD 2018 is coming up next weekend too, so get ready to code!