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This is War. No kids allowed.
Theres about 3-4 other things I wan to get put out there, but want more artist / progression about them to really make a teaser about them.

For now, I'll just tease about a new clan that Artwork is currently being done for. Essentially the Puppet clan will be a Melee clan where the User is locked in place, and the Puppet has a limitation of how far it can be away from it's master.

The element of a clan where the User is Locked in place and open, you can only imagine how DEffensive / Offensive and insane kind of skill set is in order to make that Puppet worthwhile.

Till then,

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Theres also a Discord now for the latest of all Game developement. Updates so intricate that I'll even be posting conversation excerpts and try to keep the audience, / Fan Base as engaged as possible about the direction of the game

isn't this a rip
I bought all rights to the game from the original creator.
There are no rights associated with an illegal fan-game, dawg. Plus everything associated with NNG was released to the public space before you had anything to do with it. You control literally nothing.
Its funny we do have something in common.

All this time making plan, and still control nothing.

Literally Reformist all you are known for is criticing and look down programming about others people project, and yet do nothing yourself.

You have made zero contributing to byond that has attested time.

You are literally baby Avidefan. Except Avidfan actually has a game and players

Cant wait for you to reply to his but in the end, you will continue to do nothing Byond, or development wise
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Name one game on BYOND that has an ounce of quality that would be acceptable outside of this community, besides SS13. You can't, because everything on this site is rushed, unpolished garbage. I'm sorry I haven't put anything out, but I have standards I like to meet. These standards take time - a lot of time because I do everything myself, while working two jobs. Being a one man team is tough, and the fact that you don't understand that proves your inexperience in being on this side of the game. Try making all of the art, music, sounds, and programming an entire RPG from scratch, by yourself, and come tell me when you're done. See you in 12 years.

There's nothing wrong with being a critic and not having anything to show for what you're being a critic about. You can watch movies and know whether they're good or bad without having made one yourself. You can sit on a piece of furniture and tell whether it's comfortable or not without having made furniture yourself. My criticism isn't just "It's bad" or "It's good". My criticism always comes with, for example, an opinion on how to possibly make a mechanic work better, or a twist that could make it more interesting, etc. Every time someone comes to you, specifically, with criticism you brush it off as useless opinion. That's a horrible mindset to have as a developer.

I show you a project I was working on and take notes to steal ideas from it the entire time. You even said you liked a lot of it. Now you're going back and saying I've never done anything. Very nice, not dismissive and hypocritical at all.

All of that being said, you are correct about one thing. I don't do much on BYOND, because I don't use the engine for making games anymore - I've even told you this. I'm sorry you're so stuck on wanting to be famous and accepted that you only care about people if their games have players (Avid's game has 0 players every time I check, btw). You're just a sad meme, honestly. - BYOND's gangsta
Only thing I read was ' Byonds Gangsta'.

The rest is probably talking about your games that one day you'll make the best blah blah blah

We've all heard it before.

And after you read this youll go back to keyboard sniping with your criticism.

Those 3 paragraphs is probably the most work you have worked on in byond's history.
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Rod5 wrote:
Those 3 paragraphs is probably the most work you have worked on in byond's history.

I repeat, officer down.

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