Elora Online

by Kozuma3
A fantasty RPG MUD.
Started a recreation of the text-based RPG Elora.

I have little to no access to any kind of webs the majority of the time so updates might be sparse.

As of 1/10/2018
  • 12 skills
  • 500+ Monsters
  • 300+ Crafting Recipes
  • 200+ Items
  • 38 Pets
  • Quest System (43 Quests)
  • Browser Based
  • Turn-Based Combat

Currently working on new skills while going over the skills that are already included and fix them up both code and look-wise in the browser.

I've decided to rush through it a little differently this time choosing to use the fuck out of encapsulation instead of having hundreds of lines of code everywhere, and shit it works lol.

Each system is broken up into a separate DM file, such as each skill.
This makes it easily effective to go back and modify existing skills so that I can improve and add features where needed.

There's only 4 equipment slots in at the moment. (Head,Torso,Legs,Hand)
Once I've finished up some of the previous features and clean up those I've neglected I plan on popping in what I can and what fits and makes sense. Not trying to overkill it with equipment, but it's tempting.

Hopefully have something to show for my work sooner or later.


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