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You can override layer while creating an image, but you cannot do the same for plane. In the case of an image as a default value for a datum var, this allows layer to be specified right in the var definition, while specifying plane requires using New(). This is just an annoyance, but it's still... well, annoying.
TBH I'm not sure this will happen. The image() proc basically has way too many arguments as it is, and the same request could be made for any of a dozen other appearance vars that aren't part of it.

I think for cases like this it makes more sense to create a subtype of /image for these purposes that already defines the vars you want, and simply call new() on that.

pixel_x = 8
plane = 3
icon = 'sandwich.dmi'
You know, even though I knew you could override image procs, for some reason it never occurred to me that you could inherit from /image
Indeed; it's actually quite useful.