Wow a three-day week sure flies by, doesn't it?

I'm keeping today's post short and sweet because basically, all the news is that the Dream Maker icon editor improvements have finally arrived! So here's what you can and can't expect in this release. This is probably just the first wave of changes, with more possible down the road.

The main change is that the movie and pixmap editors have been fused for better workflow and new functionality. The old movie editor still exists under the hood just in case something is referencing it that I couldn't get to yet, but I'll rip it out in a coming release. Lots of really cool stuff is in the combined editor.

The main icon editor screen, where it lists each icon state, has not been changed yet. This is on my to-do list for a future release, where I can apply lessons I learned working on the combined pixmap/movie editor for this release. The list control that's the workhorse of this screen is, well, a dog; the blame for that goes all the way up to Microsoft but I do plan to replace it later to the relief of all of us. Additionally, I'd like to improve the workflow for users who are importing sprite sheets, so it's easier to combine multiple states into a single state as a movie.

So I hope this new editor meets with your approval, especially your financial approval. If you haven't become a Member yet or were putting it off, or maybe you've considered donating or becoming a Patron, please consider supporting BYOND. And this year, once again, I'm incredibly thankful for all of you who already help keep BYOND going. Also bacon.

I'm doing my annual live-blog event of the Macy's parade again tomorrow morning for giggles. But if you'd rather sleep in or skip the amusing snark, hey, no judgments.