I was walking down the street towards my friends house, on the way guess what i see? A very funny but very stereotypical sight. A black man, and his Gf (i would assume since he was frenching her), she happened to be white and really fat. In her right hand, a basket, with a watermelon, and grape flavored koolaid. in her left hand was his hand. Guess what was in his right hand? Thats right, a bucket of KFC.

Now stereotypes only happen because we look for them but... DAMN i mean come on.

I partly felt like going up and yelling right at them saying, "ARE YOU SERIOUS? COME ON! YOUR DOING THIS TO MESS WITH ME RIGHT?"
I am highly surprised no one has said anything on this.
Heh, I was at CRT (Combat Readiness Training), and the only black sergeant in my flight sat down to take his lunch out of his ruck. Well, it just so happened to be a bag of popeye's chicken.

Not ten seconds later, as he was digging into his chicken, the prep guys bring in a couple of cut up watermelons, to cool everybody down, and give everybody a free snack.

I made eye contact with him, we both smiled, and had the exact same thought: "Should he get up and grab a piece with the chicken in his hands, or should he finish the chicken, and hope nobody notices that he grabbed a piece later?"

Well, he finished his chicken, and to my amusement, nonchalantly walked up to the tray and grabbed a couple of pieces of watermelon, and threw out the Popeye's chicken bag covertly, then sauntered over to his corner to eat some watermelon.

Heh, he and I had a good laugh later when we talked about it later.

Just one of those crazy coincidences that you can't help but laugh at.