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Here is why you might want to get this $3.99 eBook:

If you are new to Game Dev, you probably don't know where to start. Starting Game Dev is what this eBook is all about. This is about Game Dev in every part of it: Game Design, Game Programming, Game Art and Game Music Composition.

This eBook covers:

-What you should consider when deciding whether you want to work as a Game Dev. This is important because Game Dev isn't an easy job. Even creating games as a hobby, isn't easy.

-The tools you will need. Tools such as art creation programs for Game Art, what Game Engines you can use etc...

-Training in each of those fields. Here on BYOND, Pixel Artists (aka "Iconners") are always needed. But if you can't create good Pixel Art, and you can't afford spending lots of money on hiring other artists here, you can't make your game. My eBook teaches on how to quickly learn how to be able to create good original pixel art. The training technique truly does work. See my Pixel Art examples: . I actually have done not a lot of training but I have improved so much that this does look much better than the hideous Pixel Art I have created in the past, and this does look decent at the very least. You can also use the same technique in music composition.

-This also teaches you the cheapest and most effective way to learn to program/code in the top Game Engines I have mentioned in this eBook.

The people who will NOT benefit from this eBook are folks who know the above things. If you've made games and released them to the public, I don't know how much you will learn from my eBook. Well the training tips, helpful resources and helpful tips may teach you some things.
Is Byond listed as a tool in your eBook? I won't pay to find out.