This is a Machine that makes people turn into zombies thats all you need to know

I made a full Power up and sequence animation for it

70 frames of animation

im working on a portfolio for all to see hope to have it for you soon
Its creative, and definitely has potential, but I would fix a few things. For a machine, the colors you used are awfully bland. There is no shine, or metallic look at all. The shading colors are too close to each other on the spectrum, they need more contrast. Also I'm not sure what perspective you are going for, bur there appears to be mixed angles. The base seems to point straight ahead, while the machine itself it curved down. Ill try and make a quick edit when I get home around 2 to show you what I mean.
Yes there is alot wrong with it for what it was made for it fit the games style i would go back throw and spruce it up a bit but there is no need and the perspective is a bit off but i will upload some more art in the next few days
Gee, I wonder what this was for. ;D