This post-Thanksgiving week has flown by, but not to worry: plenty of work has been going on to keep moving the engine forward.

The release of the new icon editor last week was a qualified success, and I say qualified because a number of bugs cropped up that didn't shake out in testing and needed to be addressed. Some of those were because I dropped the ball in some way, but others had to do with release mode behaving differently from debug mode, which is always difficult to catch. So I spent quite a bit of time on bug fixes, and there's a stack of good suggestions I can still add to make the experience even better.

However I wanted to get started on the main icon editor, the list of all the states, because that's needed attention for quite a while now. The list control we used for that has always been temperamental and was especially prone to flickering when editing icons with a lot of states in them. That has now been addressed in today's new build, 512.1457. One nice new feature of the new icon list is that when hovering over an individual icon state, it will cycle through animation and directions so you can see the icon in motion.

I still have further to go with this. The main editor has only very limited undo/redo ability, basically just a single level, and I want to improve that considerably like I did with the pixmap editor. Although the pixmap editor always had multiple undo levels, now that includes movie stuff and the undo/redo menu actually shows the action you'll be doing. The main icon page should therefore act the same way. Plus, currently there's no accounting in either control for how changing colors globally works; if you swap all blues to reds, you currently don't get an undo state.

The reason I released now, and braved the Friday curse to do it, was because there were too many bug fixes already stacked up that were important to get out. So hopefully that won't bite me in the butt.

Once again I want to thank everyone who's supported BYOND through Membership, donation, or on Patreon (where I also post weekly updates, often with sneak peeks available only to Patrons). The fundometer has been struggling the last couple of months, but for those who've helped in that struggle, you have my gratitude.

Now if you're anything like me, you have a living room to clean, a tree to put up, and about a thousand words to go in NaNoWriMo before the deadline. So go clean that living room, put up that tree, and write those words. And when you come back for some hard-earned BYOND gaming, don't forget to hit up one of the old tip jars for some points towards the nice list. Santa's watching, and he knows about the noodle incident.
I used a custom windows theme that made the icon editor pane become dark. With the 57 update it's white and it's hurting my cornea (eyes) :( It should be the same as before (defined by Windows).

Other than that, great update! Thanks for the fixes too!