Hello everyone, I am once again working on another RP project by the name of Magicosm.

What I am looking for currently is fellow BYOND players who are interested in perhaps aiding me in the development of the game, whether it be by suggesting ideas and concepts, testing the game or merely even applications for staff when the game is complete. Previous RP experience is preferred!

The game will have a lot of features seen in Reality, with an original magical twist, original races and ranks as well as realms to explore. Magicosm itself is currently in production and I will attach screenshots below.

A brief overview of some of the Current Systems in Game:
- Book System (Writing Books, Reading Pre-Written Books)
- Careers System with up to 8 Human Careers
- Car/Driving System
- Combat System (5 Levels, new combat verbs with every progression)
- Cooking System with over 15 recipes
- Currencies (2 Separate currencies, cash for the Human World and Gold Coins for the other realms)
- Custom Clothing System with over 250 Items
- Death and Corpse system
- Familial System (Wedding, Divorce, Engagements)
- Fishing System
- Housing System complete with the ability to purchase furniture
- Magical Abilities (More information about these can be found on the forums)
- Mining and Smithing System (Can mine rocks, craft ignots at furnaces and use them to craft items within the realm of Donesque)
- Pawning System to sell items you have acquired
- Police System (Can arrest players)
- Potion Crafting System with Included Ingredients
- Pregnancy System (Can be pregnant, babies can be boys, girls or twins, they will age into toddlers, miscarriages can happen, time-automated etc)
- Race System (Donesquian, Hethalone, Sorcerer, Mitsune and so forth)
- Rank System (Statuses such as 'Donesuqian Princess', 'The First' and so forth)
- Realms to Explore (Donesquian, Hethalone and more to come)
- Teleportation System (Different races and different ranks have different abilities)
- Scrolling Text conversations with NPCs, facial images included
- Shielding and Deflection System
- Spell System
- Weaponry System (Guns, Knives, Poison, Shurikens, Swords, Bladed Fans, Daggers)
- Weather System (Rain, Thunder, Snow, Sunshine)

If you'd like to learn more about it, you can do so at the following websites:

Screenshots and Gifs of the Game: