512 is in the stable channel! At last!

Of course stable channel doesn't mean perfect; I expected there to be a few hiccups as more people moved to the new system, and one has shown up already with the new icon editor that didn't shake out in testing. So I'll have a new release out soon to deal with that, but not before midnight because... you know.

I put out the features in brief report for 512 last night, this time broken into sections because there are just so many features in this release. And looking at 511, holy crap was this in beta a long time. I don't mean for that to happen again; I'd like for the next cycle to be way more reasonable, even though it's likely to get into some big changes.

Over the next week, which will be the last before the Christmas break, I'll be shoring up any bug reports for 512 and making some plans (and probably diving into some code early on) for 513. Chances are I'll still get some bug stuff done over the holidays if anything comes up, because I don't just disappear for that time.

Some people have been jumping ship from Patreon as a platform in response to their recent purges, so for those interested, BYOND now has a presence on SubscribeStar. I'm doing a little different thing with my posts there, journaling a little more and also I expect to post to it more often, like maybe twice a week or more as I can. However the Patreon page isn't going anywhere and I'm still doing Friday updates there as well, often on under-the-hood stuff.

Speaking of which, again I thank everyone who's donated to BYOND, become a Member, or supported us through the other channels. This project really depends on your support and I'm grateful for all of you who've been a part of it. Don't forget the Big Guy is watching, so you can always get in some extra good deeds by ransacking the family couch for change and chipping in.

Christmas is almost here! We're just a week and a half away from the big show, and it's time to get your holiday plans on. Me, I do love some gaming during the break, and while for the last few years I'd been watching Game of Thrones, I think I'll go back to an even earlier tradition this year and watch the Lord of the Rings trilogy, extended edition. I know Peter Jackson didn't do Denethor justice and I would have dearly loved to see Tom Bombadil, but we can't have everything, right?
The features for the 513 sound brilliant, can't wait :) Thanks for implementing so many great features to BYOND!