I still really want to work on Hamster Rivals Hangout really badly on BYOND and put it on Steam!

I just need someone to make pixel art for outlines for 4 heights and 4 weights and eyes and ears and fur designs and optional anime-style hair, for the character creator. And I need tiles of the inside of a hamster clubhouse in a tree and also tiles of the outside.

Also my modem sucks and I want to open ports on it but every post on reddit says that the modem is a mess and to not even bother trying to figure out so I guess its impossible for me to open ports up on my modem. I hope that someone can host my BYOND projects for free.

Also I want a programmer that's as at least as good as Yut Put (he was originally going to do it, but then when I responded to him seven months later he said he has a job so he's too busy to do it now,) that can make a battle system that's like the Seiken Densetsu SNES games, and a building system (that works with a gamepad.)