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In the old byond, when you had an oversize turf, you click add, put it on the map and the entire turf was actually just the bottom left 32 x 32 tile even if it showed in other spaces. However now when you do that, it adds it to every 32 x 32 square and also doesn't stretch the icon.

Considering I don't want to make a bunch of 32 x 32 individual tiles to make up a 544 x 544 turf, I'd rather hit add once and have it work. I've tried cutting it into squares of equal or less than 256 x 256, that also doesn't help. If it were a new project I could understand it not working, but I'm really just using an old one and upon compiling it changed to this system which has ruined the game.

Anyway, I'm sure there's an easy fix or whatever, which is why I'm asking. I basically just want a turf bigger than 32 x 32 to show as such without being squeezed into 32 x 32. Not even sure why it does that period since there's no code or anything I changed yet in other projects it remains that way. It's weird. The attached file shows what it does. The main weird part is in other projects, adding an oversize turf like that still works just fine, which is why I don't know 100% what it is. If it were byond version, wouldn't the other projects do this as well upon compiling? It could be coding, except there is non specific to any icon size controls or turfs of this nature. This problem is for .dmi and .pngs a-like if that matters.

Best response
It sounds like you have
  world/map_format = TILED_ICON_MAP

which may be defined implicitly for old games (although I thought it should correct on recompile). You might look for that in your DME file or in one of your DMs.

What you want is the default, which you can manually specify,
  world/map_format = TOPDOWN_MAP
That was it. I knew it was something simple :P.

Thanks Tom.