Greetings- I am currently working on a strict-roleplay Dragonball Z game, as I'm tired of the state of games we have as of now, most seem to simply reward those who are online the most, whether they be active or not is a whole other issue. What I have made so far is -very- bare-bones, and as far as visuals go there's much room for improvement, they're mostly just there to help me test features.

So what I'm looking for right now is:
- A dedicated mapper to create the various planets that players can occupy.
- A pixel artist to make new icons and/or improve upon what we already have.
- An experienced interfacer to design a better looking Character Creation screen, and implement a skill tree system.
- A secondary programmer would be ideal, but not necessary.

What I will be looking for in the future:
- Event admins to host rp inducing events for the players
- Moderators to read through player logs and award roleplay points once the player meets the requirements.

Any suggestions for features you'd like to see in this sort of game would also be appreciated, you can never have too many ideas! Thanks for taking the time to read this post, you can contact me via pager for any questions.