Mega Man X Versus

by Raenath
Mega Man X Versus
Battle others using your favorite characters from the Mega Man X universe!
As some of you already know, my right-hand man and longtime friend, Ian, left the server over a week ago. We came to a disagreement over things unrelated to the game and could not reach a compromise. As a result, we parted ways. I wish it wouldn't have happened that way, but I had suspicions that Ian was ready to move on months ago.

I can't blame him, honestly. BYOND is a platform that has seen better days. But I will say, Ian is a great dude that has a lot to offer BYOND. We worked together since late-July 2018, and I will miss those days I spent with him discussing ideas and all the possibilities to be had. I wish Ian the best of luck, and would like to credit him for his work on MMXV.

Doing it alone is hard, so I have been spending countless hours recently trying to understand how to manipulate the game code in often crude ways. So currently, I do not have a programmer for MMXV and have been doing what I can with what I've learned in the past 6+ months. I am actively seeking a replacement programmer (even though it's hard to replace someone like Ian, given how easy it was to work with him and his passion for the franchise).

Needless to say, the show must go on. My passion for the game, drive for the franchise and desire to see modern MMX content overpowers any bumps in the road we might encounter. So we'll get there, but I wanted to be candid with you guys about where we are right now. So there it is.

I would like to thank everyone who keeps up with the game or has worked on it in the past with me. Seven months ago, I never would've thought the game would come this far. I personally can't wait to see what it becomes in 6 months from now. Hope you'll be there to see it with me!

Nice job keeping it going!

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