The phantom of the future

by Phat T
The phantom of the future
Be a warrior, be a mage, or be a rogue, there is one thing are a fighter.
Hey there!

First of all, I'd like to thank everyone who has been helping me testing this game! I received a lot of ideas & suggestions to help me improving the game!
These are the changes:

- I've updated the Login System. There are 3 empty slots avaible to pick from
- Window screen is increased ( 1360x768 or more )
- Increased performance & expands customization
- Character skill tree

Greeds, Phat T

Those skill trees look hawt... but it says "figter" instead of "fighter" ^.^
Thank you so much, I really did not see it :D I`m glad you like it.
Phat T, when are you bring the game out?

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