Code: Not shore which one

Problem description: Naruto game keeps crashing for some very odd reason. My server doesn't have much coded in just the basic stuff and jutsus are used with mob procs instead of a verb. I'm not 100% shore on how to explain the crashes but if anyone knows any way I can find this bug or whatever it is to tell me so I can try & fix it. Would greatly appreciate it.

Does the game crash as soon as it's run, or some time after that? Are there any events within the game that seem to coincide with the crashes? Were there any recent changes to the code before it started crashing?

Typically, a crash is caused by an infinite loop somewhere in your code. Depending on when the crash occurs, the best method to track it down may be to systematically disable sections of your code until you find the culprit.
Crashes after a while of it being up & ok I will try that.
Do you have debug mode enabled, and a log-file set?
#define DEBUG

return ..()

The most common issue I see is people incorrectly forming loops.

For example:
BAD - This will cause an infinite loop error and shut down the world after a time.
world << "I run forever!"

world << "I run forever!"

Not saying that is what's wrong, but just a guess.
We can't know for sure until we see your log file.
In response to Flame Sage
Flame Sage wrote:
> proc/run_forever()
> world << "I run forever!"
> sleep(600)
> run_forever()

I'd fancy a guess that this isn't the problem, since it would take an inordinate amount of time before a stack overflow were to occur this way.
To make the bug more speciffic in describtion, try run the world then take note of what happens when you do different actions, for example using different verbs etc.

After you have found something you THINK cause this problem, go into the code and find what you used. If the problem isn't inside a specific verb, then you have quite a job infront of you. Debugging others work really sounds like a pain.