Sunday The 19th

by Pandora Productions
Sunday The 19th
Murder has never been this much fun. Help your friends, or sacrifice them for gain.
Keywords: help
ok to play there a few things you should know
1. to pick stuff up click one of the three slots in ur inventory on the right
2. to use the item click it in ur inventory can combine items by having a item in ur inventory by standing in frount of a item on the ground and clicking the other item in ur inventory some combos are c4+c4 poisin + smoke bomb= pumpkin bomb plank and plank make barricade ammo plus gun makes gun but now you can use it smoke bomb and tony montoas gun makes it so you can launch a smoke bomb. rope and c4 suicide bomb
poisin + knife c4 plus timer timebomb yay phone c4 phone bomb
4. sometimes you can get stauses such as poisined bleeding and burning and there are items to fix them for poisin anti poisin for bleeding bandages for burning ointment and to get more heath use pills or aid kits the green ones
5. stay alive duh
also for each game mode here are some tips death match get all the good stuff before its gone killer becareful also if killer click the mask icon to turn killer pred stay alert status effects do not effect the alian glad also it mainly depends on what u get